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Anti Spatter March 26, 2015 Anti Spatter
Anti Spatter Anti Spatter
Safe-N-Clean is a most unusual and environmentally safe, Industrial Cleaner Degreaser. Safe-N-Clean is gentle to the human touch, but powerful and fast on grease and grime. It is safe to use on every surface imaginable as long as tap water is not a problem. Such as, dirty and greasy metal, wood, plastic, most painted surfaces, and cloth. Safe-N-Clean removes 100% with plain water. It is further unique, in that it cleans both organic and inorganic grimes equally well.
Industrial Grade Cleaner Degreaser Anti Spatter
While doing all this, Safe-N-Clean is far more economical to use then ordinary industrial or consumer grade products...
Safe-N-Clean is capable of cleaning and degreasing over 70% of dirt and grime found in industrial and commercial situations by it self. It can also serve as a stable medium to carry a variety of special purpose chemicals for really tough one of a kind applications. Contact our technical assistance department for recommendations and help in this area.
Anti Spatter - Tip Protecting Dip Spatter Mist Anti-Spatter
Spatter Mist is a major breakthrough in weld spatter control. Spatter Mist Anti-Spatter is the only Welding Anti-Spatter on the market that can completely removes weld spatter and process oils at the same time, with just a wipe of a damp cloth, leaving parts paint ready, with no additional cleaning or preparation. Spatter Mist & Spatter Mist XP will handle all welding spatter problems fast and very labor cost effective. Try us you'll like what you see. We have been quietly solving wilding problems for over 30 years, one application at a time.
Nozzle Honey
The newest addition to our welding products line is Nozzle Honey, a totally new approach to solving clogged nozzles at the business end of mig guns. Nozzle Honey can be applied to cold mig nozzles as well as hot ones, with no clogging of diffuser gas ports, or build up of dip compound in nozzle head. By simply changing to Nozzle Honey you will experience a dramatic difference in tip, nozzle, and gas diffuser life. You can expect parts life to a least double, often much more.
Nozzle Honey
Anti Spatter Anti Spatter
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